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In developing countries, like India, the population within sewered areas in prime metros have always been unaware of the importance of underground drainage maintenance. These conduits (sewers) beneath the streets, that can carry away the untreated waste water to the point of treatment and disposal, undoubtedly have done more to improve the quality of life in a community than any other social or technological advance. But since this investment is hidden beneath the ground, it is out of sight and tends to be neglected.

It is only when a severe problem arises that people realize drainage maintenance is an important environmental issue which if not attended to, causes widespread diseases, contamination of drinking water and in certain cases, death!.

Due to the present awareness levels, the maintenance authorities at the BMC have now discarded the age-old inhuman method of using manual labour for cleaning drains and adopt the more effective ‘preventive’ approach using mechanized methods of sewer cleaning. These methods are in line with practices adopted

BMC uses now a systematic sewer maintenance program which has state of the USA make IPWTSRECO Flexirod. This Flexirod is capable of pushing, pulling and rotating high strength special sectional steel sewer rods, with various cleaning tools to clean and remove blockages and obstructions from storm and sanitary sewer lines, saving millions of rupees every month by cleaning completely choked lines which would otherwise have to be relaid
dislocating traffic and sewerage operations thus costing great deal of money and time.

“Introduction of such proven technologies to our city will eliminate the entry of the personnel in the manhole and inhuman method of manual cleaning with rods and bamboos” says Jignesh Parekh of IPWT.

“This process is equivalent to angioplasty of sewer pipes and if not done could lead to a “bypass” requirement which is more difficult and chaotic. The world environment is changing and so are cleaning methods. We are proud to be a part of this positive change and the Flexirod is IPWT’s contribution to the environment” adds Rajesh Khatwani the CEO IPWTGroup and a specialist for environmental clean up strategies.

It is understood that BMC intends to continue this sewer cleaning programme which includes creating high awareness levels for the citizens in Mumbai.