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In developing countries, like India, the populations in prime metros have always been oblivious to the importance of Bulk transport of Municipal solid until recently. As India becomes more extensively urbanized, the standards of solid waste removal and disposal must become more exacting. The quantity of refuse is enormous, and its generation, continuous. This fact, combined with the impact of solid waste on the urban environment, prompted Industrial Plants & Waste Treatment Corporation (IPWT), a pioneering Mumbai based environmental technology company, to work on solid waste management mechanization techniques and equipment, for improved solid waste collection efficiency Due to the present awareness levels, the Gujarat Urban Development Company (GUDC) are now hoping to adopt the more effective approach using mechanized methods of disposal of solid waste by SKIPPER. These methods are in line with practices adopted.
Gujarat Urban Development Company (GUDC) has now a systematic Solid Waste Transportation & Disposal program under their ADB funded project for 14 towns in Gujarat, which will use state of art IPWT – SKIPPER, Dumper Placer unit designed to meet the challenges of bulk solid waste collection, transportation & easier disposal at their Landfill site. SKIPPER transfers high volumes of garbage using the relay system, wherein the unit puts in an empty container in place and takes away the full containers to the dumping area and empty the garbage by tipping ;mechanism. By this, obstruction to the traffic and pedestrian movement is also kept to the desired minimum. “And this is just a good beginning of better cleanliness standards to come” adds Rajesh Khatwani, CEO IPWT who has been known for his entrepreneurial forte, introducing proven environmental technologies into India over the last decade. The current procurement of . SKIPPER in high quantities will also impart high awareness levels of cleanliness to citizens in Indian towns & cities.