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Millions of gallon of fuel both raw as well as refined petroleum products pass through various pipelines laid throughout the country. Problems associated with pipeline such, as leakage, spillage are not uncommon. Although the affected pipeline is isolated on detection of the leakage, a lot petroleum products go to waste till the time remedial measures are taken to plug the leakage resulting in pollution of the environment and creating hazardous pockets in the entire area of leakage. This is besides the monetary losses incurred due to such leakages. Various regulations are laid down by the relevant Government agency, which needs to be adhered to safeguard the environment due to such occurrences. Until recent years there was no systematic method available for collection of the leakage product, till we introduced for the first time in India, the Mobile Oil Spill Recovery Unit (MOSRU) to assist the cleaning at the affected sites.

The MOSRU is a vacuum Machine custom designed so as to snugly fit onto any commercial vehicle chassis and can be deployed at the spillage spot and the petroleum products spilled at the site can be conveyed from the leakage spot into the tank of the MOSRU directly. The vehicle is then driven to the appropriate slop tank in the refinery for emptying the collected products. The vehicle can also be used at the catch-pit to clear the spillage / leakage near the oil tanks within the refinery area. . The unit is very simple to operate and requires only one operator for carrying out the complete operation and maintenance with ease. The vehicle is also equipped with an elaborate emergency lighting system with power generator, which enables the use of these vehicles even in night and in remote areas. IPWT has supplied these MOSRU in HPCL, BPCL, IOCL, MRPL & NRL Refinery and are in successful operation since last 18 years. The success of these units has resulted in repeat order of these units.