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Combination Sewer Cleaing Machine (JETSUC)

Combination Sewer Cleaing Machine (JETSUC)

jetsucThe vehicle mounted combined unit for jetting/suction shall be able to create vacuum required for siphoning of mud, slurry, grit and other materials from sanitary, storm and combined sewerage system and high velocity jetting to remove and dislodge obstructions, soluble grease, grit and other materials from sanitary storm and combined sewerage system. The unit shall be especially being required to clean out the non-man entry drain and deep wet wells of sewage pumping stations.

The unit shall be multi-purpose vehicle designed to collect sludge & sewage from catchpits. It shall also be used for flushing the silted storm water drain lines.

  1. Single combined machine for both, jetting (clearing blockages) from sewer lines and storm
    water drains and suction sucking up the cleared debris), from sewer manholes and water entrances.
  2. Discharge of the sludge material at designated place in an environmentally friendly & hygienic

  1. Can clean sewer lines, storm drains, cess pits, septic tanks, where normally manual cleaning is
    impossible due to inhuman conditions and poisonous gases.
  2. Maintenance is virtually nil for the first few years.
  3. Easy to operate as no special skill is required.
  4. Cleans blockage from the most inaccessible points.
  5. Reduction of labour-oriented method of cleaning, thus upgrading dignity of labour.
  6. Can be customised to suit any client’s requirement.
  7. Can earn immense revenue for the client, thereby offsetting the cost of the machine.