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Gatic, (UK)

Gatic, (UK)

About Us

Gatic is internationally renowned for the manufacture and supply of engineered, gas and air-tight, heavy duty access covers and surface water drainage systems to the construction, transport and utility markets. The company’s worldwide reputation has been established for more than eighty years, providing quality products and performance on prestigious projects across the globe.

With international offices, production facilities and distributors located throughout the world, Gatic has become the leading global brand for heavy duty access covers and surface water drainage systems.

Familiarity with the operational issues at air and seaports first led us to the development of their Slotdrain range of surface water drainage products. Slotdrain is capable of disposing of huge amounts of water yet presents only a tiny slot to the surface, eliminating the vulnerable gratings and covers that characterise more conventional systems. Slotdrain technology has proved infinitely scaleable and has now been further developed with a wide range of load bearing capabilities. This has made it more competitive and viable in even smaller developments, such as shopping centres and urban landscaping, where discrete yet high capacity, linear drainage and channel drainage is required.

With StreetWise, Gatic’s innovative and thorough approach to the design, manufacture and supply of street furniture. StreetWise street furniture can be bespoke – designed to suit your project – or alternatively items from their set BenchMark range can be selected off-the-shelf. Gatic’s designers work hand in hand with the scheme architects and their team of engineers to ensure that the street furniture that is installed on each project looks good and meets or exceeds the performance and functionality criteria laid down for it.

At Gatic, those are dedicated to making sure that their customers get the very best performance from all their products.