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Heavy Duty Power Rodding Machine (FLEXIROD)

Heavy Duty Power Rodding Machine (FLEXIROD)

flexirodHeavy duty power rodding machine is designed to remove hard chokes, roots of the trees and obstructions from the storm water drain, ducts and sewer lines. The machine shall get a drive from the chassis engine through a Power Take Off (P.T.O). The machine shall be capable of pushing, pulling and rotating 10mm diameter sectional steel sewer rods using various cleaning tools to clean and remove obstruction from storm and sanitary sewer lines. The unit shall be suitable to carry rod storage reel and necessary tools.


The rodding machine shall have control to actuate the pull and push of sewer rods and the rotation in clockwise or counter clockwise direction. The rod travel hydraulic circuit shall have an adjustable spring loaded pressure relief valve for controlling the pressure limit. A reel rotation speed control and an add subtract distance meter to determine the location of the cleaning tool in the sewer line, shall also be provided and located at suitable place form where it will be convenient to operate the machine. Footage counter shall be provided to determine the length of the rod pushed into the sewer line. Safety control shall be provided to preset the maximum force of pushing the rod for choke removal.

  1. Cleaning & maintenance of Sewer lines and Storm water drains by Sectional steel rods
    for cleaning of the hard chokes, solid water manholes in the sewer lines.
  2. Capable of pushing, pulling & rotating special sector and sewer rods with various
    cleaning rods to remove the obstructions from storm & sanitary sewer lines.

  1. Can clean encroached lines up to 500m one continuous length.
  2. Can pay for itself within one year of efficient use.
  3. Maintenance is virtually nil for the first few years.
  4. Easy to operate as no special skill is required.
  5. Cleans blockages from most inaccessible points also.
  6. High strength special sectional steel sewer rods.
  7. Continuous power rodding unlike other machines.
  8. Very cost effective. Cheapest per km of sewer line cleaned.
  9. Elimination of old inhuman method of cleaning, thus up grading dignity of labour
  10. No need for time consuming coupling of rods as are pre-Connected upto 500 m.