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Mobile Auto Bin Lift

Mobile Auto Bin Lift

swe-autobinliftThe Auto Bin Lifter shall be useful for transportation of refuse, silt, grit or any other waste from the collection point to its disposal point. The operation of lifting and placing the bins on the vehicle, transporting to its disposal point and unloading shall be hydraulic. The lifting capacity of DIN plastic / Galvanized garbage bins shall be either 1 no. 1100 lts. or 2 nos. 660 lts. The equipment shall be operated hydraulically.

  1. Easy to operate as no special skill is required.
  2. Quick and efficient lifting, transportation and unloading.
  3. Popular system : low capital cost.
  4. Can carry two 660 lts. DIN bins or one 1100 lts. DIN bin.
  5. Very low maintenance cost.
  6. Modern equipment : increases dignity of labour.

  1. For safe and hygienic collection and storage of garbage.
  2. For quick and efficient lifting, transportation of DUN bins from narrow lanes which are inaccessible to
    Garbage Compacor.
  3. For multi-point ‘pick-up’ application of the truck using standard European DIN containers.
  4. Suitable for handling both, dry and wet garbage material.
  5. Continuous relay system achieving large volume of garbage transfer.
  6. Suitable for ‘primary’ collection from narrow by-lanes using container ‘relay’ system.