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Mobile Suction Machine (CESSTANK)

Mobile Suction Machine (CESSTANK)


cesstankThe Vehicle Mounted Suction Unit shall be robust in construc­tion and shall be used to create a vacuum for syphoning out mud and slurry, grit and other material from sanitary, storm and sewerage systems. The unit shall be capable of syphoning out material from a depth of 8 mtr. The unit shall be such that 1 driver assisted by two helpers shall be adequate for all opera­tion of the unit.

  1. For cleaning cess pits and septic tanks where normally manual cleaning is impossible due to inhuman
    conditions and poisonous gases.

  1. Cleans blockage from the most inaccessible points in sewer and storm water drains.
  2. Very cost-effective owing to cheapest costs per cesstank or km. of sewer line cleaned.
  3. Reduction of labour-oriented method of cleaning, thus upgrading dignity of labour.
  4. Can pay for itself within months of efficient use.
  5. Can be customised to suit any client’s requirement.