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Side Loading Garbage Compactor (SIDEPAK)

Side Loading Garbage Compactor (SIDEPAK)


The IPWT Sidepak® Garbage Compactor is the most suitable system for solid waste transportation from market places, industrial and commercial places approachable through streets, narrowest lanes, and by-lanes. The IPWT Sidepak® is capable of manual loading of refuse from the side towards the foot-path into the refuse body (6m3). Once the garbage is loaded into the extreme front side of the unit body, it is pushed hydraulically toward the rear till the body is full. The garbage is dumped from the rear full cross section open able door by means of hydraulically operated push plate.

  1. Allows point-to-point collection of refuse.
  2. Convenient manual / mechanised side loading and unloading.
  3. High pressure positive garbage compaction.
  4. Hygienic transportation in fully enclosed body.

  1. Carries garbage load of two conventional trucks.Limited dimensions, suitable to operate on smaller streets.
  2. Side – loading prevents cross-parking, thus avoiding traffic pile-up.
  3. Mechanised bin-lifting arrangement option for ease of operation.
  4. Maintenance is virtually nil for the first few years.
  5. Easy to operate as no special skill is required.