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Stationary Compactor Container (COMPAK)

Stationary Compactor Container (COMPAK)



COMPAK®is especially designed to make the task of garbage collection in the city’s main streets, easy and effective. These units are ‘state of the art’ and can be parked at one central collection point.

COMPAK® units are designed not only to compact garbage but also to safely store high liquid content wastes in a safe controlled environment. It provides economy in garbage compaction resulting in lesser number of trips to landfill, saving on fuel cost. The refuse is loaded directly into the compactor head, which packs the refuse into the container.

  1. For collection and hygienic storage of garbage in markets and densely populated localities
  2. Allows high volumes of garbage storage
  3. The main central garbage collection and compacting container in the continuous ‘relay’ system resulting in achievement of large volume of garbage transfer.

  1. Carries the garbage load of 5 conventional trucks.
  2. Enables the ram to dwell against the compacted waste longer for superior compaction ratios.
  3. ‘Quick Clean Tank’ eliminates troublesome fuild build-up behind the ram.
  4. Odour elimination device available.
  5. Low noise operation.