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Trailer Mounted Sewer Jetting Machine (TRAILORJET)

Trailer Mounted Sewer Jetting Machine (TRAILORJET)


trailorjetThe trailor mounted Sewer Jetting Machine is designed to use high pressure water jets to remove obstruction, soluble grease, sand and other materials from R.C.C/S.W. pipes. The equipment is cap­able of use in all weather conditions.

  1. Cleaning and maintenance of sewerlines and storm water drains by high pressure water jetting.
  2. Trailer mounted driven by the Tractor’s PTO and thus can access the sewer lines / drains on narrow
    lanes where cleaning with large sized vehicle is not possible.

  1. Clears blockages and settled debris from the most inaccessible points in sewer line and storm
  2. Can earn immense revenue for the client, thereby offsetting the cost of the machine.
  3. Maintenance is virtually nil for the first few years.
  4. Elimination of man-entry oriented method of cleaning, thus upgrading dignity of labour.
  5. Can be customised to suit any client’s requirement.