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In developing countries, like India, the population within sewered areas in prime metros have always been unaware of the importance of underground drainage maintenance. These conduits (sewers) beneath the streets, that can carry away the untreated waste water to the point of treatment and disposal, undoubtedly have done more to improve the quality of life in a community than any other social or technological advance. But since this investment is hidden beneath the ground, it is out of sight and tends to be neglected. It is only when a severe problem arises that people realize drainage maintenance is an important environmental issue which if not attended to, causes widespread diseases, contamination of drinking water and in certain cases, death !. Due to the present awareness levels, the maintenance authorities in various cities in India have now discarded the age-old inhuman method of using manual labour for cleaning drains and adopt the more effective ‘preventive’ approach using mechanized methods of sewer cleaning. These methods are in line with practices adopted worldwide.

Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project (RUIDP) has now a systematic sewer maintenance program under their ADB funded project for their 8 towns in Rajashthan, uses Auto Gas Jet units, the state of the art mobile sewer cleaners mounted on 3 wheeler auto vehicles. The Auto Jet , a high power water jetting unit with hose reel and 500 lit. water tank is a self sufficient unit using the stream of high pressure water, which flushes the blockage. It is equipped with triplex pump with vibra pulse which drives the hose easily around tight bends and long pipes. The unit is mounted on a three wheeler auto vehicle which can easily ply through narrow streets of a town. These Auto Jet units are supplied by Industrial Plants and Waste Treatment Corporation (IPWT) in collaboration with General Wire Spring Co. U.S.A., who are pioneers in manufacturing of drainage cleaning equpments world wide. It is understood that RUIDP intends to continue this sewer maintenance program which includes creating higher awareness levels for the citizen groups in the cities of Rajasthan.